Sunday, May 10, 2009

Protozoa found near Keystone Lake

These fossils are embedded in quartz sandstone. I found the rock near Keystone Lake. When I picked up the rock, I noticed a dark line running through it. I split the rock down the line with a rock hammer. Amazed and perplexed, I had not idea what I found.

One evening in June 2006, I visited with the folks at the BA Paleo Society after one of their club meetings. One of the professional geologists at the meeting helped me identify the fossil. He said it was a species in the phyla Protozoa.

Crazy About This Fossil: Schizophoria genus

This fossil is an unknown species of the Schizophoria genus. I found it in a road cut along highway 75 near Jenks on a rainy Saturday afternoon in May 2006. Grey mudstone surrounds the fossil, as well as other tiny bioclastic fragments. These organisms were alive during the Silurian period through the Permian. Most of the rock in Tulsa is of the Pennsyvianian period, between the two aforementioned periods. That dates this rock as being between 280 - 325 million years old!